Waite’s Guide to Birds of America

The first and most immersive bird app specifically designed for the iPad.

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919 Species

HD Multi-view illustrations and Photos, Unparalleled Search Algorithm, Integration with WhatBird ID Forum and iBird Journal


Free to try (50 species). In-app purchase required to unlock all 919 species.

Waite’s Guide to Birds of America (WGBA) is the first high-definition field guide app designed from the ground up as a native iPad app (“native” means it only runs on the iPad). WGBA offers features that take birding to a whole new level including a patented search algorithm called SAVE, which results in lightening fast, fool-proof bird identification. Equally at home in portrait or landscape mode, both photographs and illustrations are all presented in high-resolution HD quality 1200 x 1500 px portrait or 1500 x 1200 px landscape. All illustrations have detailed field marks that can be turned on and off. WGBA is designed for the birder who wants to learn everything about birds with a focus on identification.


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