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The first sighting app to make list-keeping fun, easy and unforgettable.

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Powerful Observation and Search and Reporting tools, Quick List Interface for Field Work, Attach photos and keep extremely detailed records


Ready to take birding to a whole new level? iBird Journal is the first sighting app designed to make list-keeping fun, easy and most of all unforgettable. Whether you keep a life list, a backyard list or never have made a list before you’ll find iBird Journal the perfect app. iBird Journal saves observations of birds with incredible detail, and it seamlessly integrates with iBird – the world’s most popular line of field guide apps. Whether you wish to keep simple lists of the birds you see everyday, start a list of birds you see in the backyard, on a trip or every bird you have seen in your life, iBird Journal is the app you have been waiting for.


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